The Journey of Digital Marketing

It is quite natural that you have to get some ideas of the history or memories that the topic is your interest and going to know. Yes, we talk about the History of Digital Marketing. We briefly know the Journey of Digital Marketing in this Blog. Just give you an overview of the Journey of Digital Marketing.

Let’s Start the journey of Digital Marketing

1971: Mr. Raymond Samuel Tomlinson who implemented the first email program that was in 1971. And you know Email marketing is the most important branch of Digital Marketing and still going on.

1990: Started First Search Engine Archie search engine.

1993: WWW. Website invented. Search engines and websites both are ready, so digital marketing is ready to go.

1994: First Web Clickable Banner release by AT&T. First E-commerce transaction in Net Market. Yahoo starts its journey.

1996:  HotBot, LookSmart, and Alexa released a small search engine bot.

1997: First social media site ‘’ started their journey. One of the most and interesting parts of Digital Marketing Social Media has started.

1998: It is a revolutionary year for Digital Marketing. Yahoo adds a web search option to its platform. Giant Google started their journey and Microsoft started MSN.

google journey of digital marketing

2000: Turning year for Digital Marketing. Internet Users turn double.

2001: First mobile marketing campaign introduced by Universal Music.

2002: Started big professional social media LinkedIn. Business to Business Digital Marketing becomes to get a new shape.

2003: Start WordPress and My space. This CMS system creates a new wave in Digital Marketing.

2004: Google introduces Gmail. But big milestone in the digital marketing journey was Facebook started their journey. Social Media gradually change its attitude from here.

Facebook journey of digital marketing

2005: Google Introduce YouTube. It is another big event in the history of digital marketing. You know, now YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

2006: Twitter has started its operation, Microsoft started Live search. Split testing has been using in Digital Marketing.

2007: Tumbler and iPhone have been launched.

2009: Google introduced instant search and closed their affiliate network.

2010: Google Buzz and WhatsApp started.

2011: Shut down google buzz, started google buzz, and released google panda.

2012: Google stared Knowledge Graph and social media budget crossed 64% of the Digital Marketing budget.

2014: Mobile internet user crossed PC internet user. Facebook had purchased WhatsApp and Facebook launched its messenger service. LinkedIn adds ad features.

2015: Snapchat adds discover feature.

2016: Started Facebook Live. Now Facebook live is a very effective medium to communicate with the audience.

2019: Digital Marketer emphasis on brand awareness. Now brand awareness is one of the pillars of success in Digital Marketing.

Hope you enjoy the journey of Digital Marketing. Maybe you had gone nostalgic about reading this blog. Some history always fun and interesting.

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